Juicing Day 2

So today is my second day juicing. I am using the Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer. My thought so far is that it is very time consuming in both preparing the fresh produce as well as cleaning the equipment, but there are payoffs for this. From what I understand, this juicer requires smaller pieces of fruits and vegetables than a non-masticating juicer. Skin removal is needed if the skin is thick, such as was the case with the cucumbers I used. Removing apple cores and hard seeds from citrus is also necessary. The drawback is this takes a bit of time to get ready to juice. After juicing, the equipment needs cleaning…sooner than later. The pieces are easy to clean except for the filter basket. It has small holes that require a cleaning brush and warm soapy water to remove all the food particles. This is a job to be done directly after juicing to make sure the holes don’t clog up. Definitely not something you can do in a hurry before rushing out the door in the morning (or whenever it is you have to rush out the door), if your lifestyle requires you to do so. Most days, mine does not. I do have young children that require my full attention though, so keeping them occupied while doing all this has been a challenge. Now for the positives…yes, after all that, there are positives! One is a higher yield of juice, which can be stored for up to 72 hours if you can’t finish it all. Also, the juice contains some pulp and is thick (thicker than juice, not as thick as a smoothie), so it filled me up. My GI system has tolerated the juice just fine (knock on wood!). I love it so far and I’m motivated to keep going. My hope is that over the next few days of using the juicer, I’ll get faster at prep and clean up. What about you? Do you have experience with juicing? If so, do you have any helpful tips to share?


Juicing Day 1

Today I started my day off with fresh, delicious, homemade cold-pressed juice. Today’s recipe: “Sunrise” consisting of carrots, beets, and oranges, found in Reboot with Joe Juice Diet by Joe Cross. Let me admit something here, I detest beets. Every beet I have ever had the misfortune to consume, I have done so with complete disdain. I have to say though; this juice recipe was not bad. It was better with ice. So, why am I doing this? Because raw vegetables have been upsetting my GI system. I adored smoothies but they began to cause more pain and upset than I could handle. It is my hope that by removing the fiber, I will be able to tolerate the juiced vegetables… and possibly, I will start eating nutritious vegetables I would otherwise not (like beets!). Stay tuned to find out more about my juicing adventure.