Writing Practice

We’ve been doing some fun activities to work on handwriting and fine motor skills. Here’s one that we did:

First, I drew lines on the chalkboard and wrote the letters I wanted my daughter to practice on. She wrote the letters with the chalk, then she went back and traced the letters with a dry paint brush.

Finally, she traced over the letters with a wet paint brush. Of course, the activity wasn’t complete until she added her own personal touch by drawing smiley faces. 🙂 She enjoyed this very much and we will continue these exercises to improve her writing.

Supplies for chalkboard activity:

Note about the supplies:

The con-tact paper did not stick to our walls with satin paint, it only sticks to our flat/matte painted walls. It was difficult to put up, had a lot of air bubbles, and folded over itself easily, causing tearing. For a quick use, non-permanent product it is fine. I prefer black Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Brush-On paint, but it does involve prep-work, possibly painting multiple coats and of course, it is permanent. 

Prang chalk – I really like this chalk. It is vibrant and sticks to the surface well. Almost every piece was broken when we received it from Amazon, however that didn’t bother me.

The Chalkboard Line Drawing Tool is by Westcott. I have no previous experience with these tools. It does make line drawing so much faster and neater. The chalk moves around a bit in the holder, so there is a bit of trial and error in getting the chalk in just right.

Are you working on handwriting with your children? What types of activities are you doing?