Barefoot Books Ambassador

I’ve decided to become a Barefoot Books Ambassador! My kids absolutely love the engaging, colorful, and content-rich products (and I do too!). Our first item, before realizing it was a Barefoot Books product, was the Yoga Pretzels card deck. My children were introduced to the cards at yoga class and had expressed interest in having the cards to use at home. We also noticed that many of the books we especially enjoyed from the library were published by Barefoot Books, so I decided to add them to our personal home library by becoming and Ambassador. Here’s a picture of the products we received in my Ambassador box:


Many times, we use Barefoot Books to go along with our studies. For example, my daughter has been learning about ancient Hebrew culture through Old Testament stories, experiencing Jewish holidays, and eating traditional foods. We are using the The Barefoot Book of Jewish Tales to expand upon this learning experience. Besides the great stories and colorful illustrations, there are two audio CDs included in the book. This is great because we can listen to the stories on-the-go or use them to read along with the book. When we first got the book, my daughter was captivated by the first story and asked to listen to the rest of the stories in one sitting (I agreed to finishing the first CD). Several days later, she opened the book to read along while she listened to the audio. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the decision to include it in our library! Here she is with her head buried in the book:


If you are interested in taking a look at what Barefoot Books has to offer, please consider using this link to my shop: 


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Plan To Eat

I just started using, an online menu planner this week. And so far, I am really liking it. Just learned that they will be having a Black Friday weekend sale, offering their full year membership at just $19.50! After my experience with it this week, I am looking forward to getting the annual membership. Check it out if you are looking for a simpler way to menu plan and perhaps, save money on your grocery bills. Here is my affiliate link, (or click link above if you do not want to use my AF link). Stay tuned, I hope to post more information about Plan to Eat tomorrow.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat