Our Homeschooling Curriculum

As a homeschooling mom, I am often asked if we buy a curriculum or if we design our own. At this time, we actually do a mixture of both! We are drawn to the Waldorf educational philosophy because of its holistic nature, but we are not “purists”. That being said, I’ve selected activities I like from three different curriculums that draw inspiration from Waldorf (Steiner) Education. We also include a bit of the Charlotte Mason Method of homeschooling in the mix. The programs we are currently using are Ambleside Online, Earthschooling, Oak Meadow, and Waldorf Essentials. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we do the Angel Bear Yoga program, which also draws inspiration from Waldorf and Charlotte Mason.

As a user of the Earthschooling curriculum, I am excited to become an affiliate and promoter of the program! For the next two weeks, the folks who provide the Earthschooling curriculum are promoting an offer called Share with a Friend. How it works is that from now until November 25th anything you purchase can be shared with one friend!! This offer includes lesson blocks, curriculum and even classes at The Avicenna Institute. When you place your order, use the code SHARE5. You will be sent an email with instructions on how to share, give, or gift your item. By following my affiliate link, you will be taken to the website to take a look around at all the offerings.

Once you get to the Earthschooling website, you will notice that Kristie offers many other services. In addition to the wide variety of products/services she offers for sale (such as Wildlife Education Curriculum, consulting, and a Naturopathic Series) you can find free articles and videos to help you along your homeschool journey.


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