Angel Bear Yoga

Angel Bear Yoga

Angel Bear Yoga!!! I love the idea of it…so much so that I took the training course with  Christi Eley, creator of ABY. I am now an ABY Certified Instructor!

I started the program with my five year old daughter last week. We started off slowly, doing the 15 minute activity. I chose to start with the character trait “acceptance” to tie in with the turtle themed homeschool science class Hannah participated in last week at White Clay Creek State Park (our first experience there, and it was great).

Hannah really enjoyed discussing turtles, so I thought the add-on at home would be appropriate. We read one book suggested in the ABY lesson book, The Turtle Who Felt Boxed In by Taylor Brandon. Hannah loves it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our hands on a paper copy of it through our library or Amazon because it is out of print, so we bought the kindle version. We also read a book we already had on hand, The Foolish Tortoise, by Eric Carle, which is similar to the Turtle who Felt Boxed In. You wouldn’t really need both books, as they are so similar. That being said, we used the books as a learning opportunity and discussed the difference between turtles and tortoises.

We read the book five consecutive days and continued adding on to the ABY each day. There are two main characters used throughout the program, Angel Bear and his little friend Sweet Pea. We have a sweet little Panda Bear who we named Sweet Pea, but we do not have a large Panda for Angel Bear. After the first week, I realized this is something I will have to work on acquiring! There are so many acitivities to do with this program I feel like it really enriches our homeschooling experience. I will post more about ABY as we progress through the year. I hope this first post helps those who are looking into ABY, or who bought it, but aren’t sure how to start. Just dive in, it is wonderful! Oh, and start off reminding your children of the rules before you start: putting on their listening ears, staying on their mat so they don’t leave the enchanted forest, etc. it REALLY helped us. Best wishes!!


2 thoughts on “Angel Bear Yoga

  1. terrikenworthy says:

    Sounds fun. I just ordered a yoga kids dvd for my two (3 & 4) because we need to keep active during the winter when we can’t get outside to play . . . i don’t know much about it or ABY for that matter, so I don’t have any idea if it’s similar at all . . . but your program sounds really fun and interesting. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • erinhook says:

      Thank you for your comment, terrikenworthy. I just checked out Yoga Kids ABCs DVD on the collage video website and it got great reviews I hope you and your children have a great time with it! From the quick look I took at the Yoga Kids DVD, it looks like a major difference is that with ABY, the parent/instructor is guiding the yoga session, whereas with the Yoga Kids DVD, there is an instructor teaching from the screen, so the parent could follow along to keep the kids them engaged. What drew me to ABY was that there is so much more to the program than the yoga poses. There are 50 sessions which include short visualization activities, physical poses, character traits, breathing, affirmations, fun nature facts, and imaginative scenarios to use during the quiet time following the yoga session. There are also suggested books to read with each character trait and coloring activities to add to each session if desired. Sometimes, I find it difficult to keep both children’s attention, so having the flexibility to do something else within the program, but still related is great. I can keep them interested in the yoga that way. Wishing you all the best.

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